… and guys better watch out cause her dad is soo “rude” that he doesn’t care if you’re human too, and you’d better not marry anyway *in magic!’s voice*

The Ghanaian actor is already installing arms into his arsenal ahead of a lone war he will be fighting against any man who will come close to any of his daughters.

His first child and eldest daughter, 12-year-old J’dyl Vanette Vicker, is all grown up in a new photo the actor shared on his Instagram page recently.

He sarcastically captioned the photo,

“The moment I realise I need to purchase MORE bullets for my double barrel. #ygf @jjjcutie”


The young actress who is obviously following in her father’s steps, in profession, takes after her mother, Adjoa Vicker more, in looks

Van Vicker and his wife Adwoa have three children and recently celebrated their 13th marriage anniversary.



  1. Ladies when you’re cooking for your inlaws,expecially for the first time, dia’s always a voice telling you # add_more_salt !! try am ooh. Na your village witch wan spoil your marriage so!!! í ½í¸�

  2. Oritse femi did his own, now it’s ur turn. Both of una dey mad.

    Carry celo-tape and cover ur daughters p*ssy na or buy chain and padlock, chain her inside house.

    Idiot by the time u kill sm1 for talking to ur daughter and they jail u then boys will have free access.

  3. What is wrong with artists these days. Please did you make love with a man before they give birth to her or are they banking their own daughter or using another means of inviting boys to come and pluck a ripe fruit in their house.

  4. I don’t really understand why this people can’t sit down there children and advice them on the rightful path,….instead they now saying something different,….. But you also chase somebody daughter,.. Even your wife is someone daughter,… So somebody must also chase her

  5. Wonderful something so van your daughter don grow like dis, correct see her two apples she dey Ghana shei, wen una dey press Nadia, Jackie, yvenelson, martha ankomah, juliet ibrahim and d rest butt nd mangoes una no dey remember say una go born abi make i hear say majid daugter na born again

  6. Van bicker,you are joking, the girl you are talking about is even smarter than you by the way you even make matter worse by saying it out

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  8. Make I hear I beg how bible take talk say the sin of the father will be cheek on the children even the third generation abi I beg put me right if u know it,all those girls u kiss Romans and do ….. With his pay back time so just sit and watch na home movie

  9. If your daughter is in love with a guy… lets assume with me and along the way you killed me then if you are not careful your daughter might kill her self.
    You’ve been acting that role in some movies.
    So just keep it in mind…. that your daughter most fall in love.. except she says NO!

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