A Nigerian lady on Twitter, has shared how she was hit with one of the greatest disappointments of Nigerians – tailor wahala – as she shared side by side photos of what she requested for versus what she got.

@pejupoppins on Twitter, took to the platform to share photos of what she requested from her tailor with what her tailor delivered – according to peju, she jilted her usual tailor for a new one so she can help the latter’s business grow.

But that was to Peju’s detriment after what she got was nothing close to what she had requested to be sewn.

What Peju requested:

IMG CRD: Twitter/pejupoppins

What Peju got:

IMG CRD: Twitter/pejupoppins

Nigerians reacted to her post, with some saying she couldn’t have expected to have that kinda “high class” dress sewn with her own fabric.

@AceKevwe wrote: So u brought d material then. How u going to use dat to sow dat kinda high class design.Dats like using Gele to sow Harvey specter suit Ffs

? Dat Material ain’t right tho… Which of u brought the Material?

@Insomnesia01 wrote: Walahi Na the material!

And some others had to let out a bit of sarcasm too:

@Chinedov: You’ll grow into the dress. Don’t worry. ? ? ?

@Thobige: I feel you should keep the cloth till when you are pregnant☠

What do you think though?



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