Different reactions have trailed a clip that was shared on Instagram which captured a lady showing off the exquisite car her online boyfriend used to pick her up.

She had shared that it was the first time she was meeting him and he had promised to come pick her up with his car.

Pumped by his kind and romantic gesture, she looked forward to their meeting date but didn’t expect what was coming.

The young man arrived at their meeting location, with a yellow minibus which is popularly known as ‘Danfo’.

The lady recorded herself in the minibus, and her facial expression revealed that this was not what she expected when he said to pick her up in his car.

While some internet users found her situation hilarious, others advised her not to judge a book by its cover.

Below are some of the comments;

@effedeborah:  Don’t be angry yet, keep maintaining maximum composure.. maybe na prince wey dey find true love so he’s testing you to see if you’ll love him for who he is.

@janemena:  No worry, no be the main ride be this. Be patient

@cutekassy:  You Dey vex for person car, where’s your own car? You Dey vex say person get the low budget of Watin you no get at all ??? 

@amanda_eze01:  Why am I focusing on the he’s instead of his, you deserve that car rubbish

Watch the video below,

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