Olawale Ashimi a.k.a Brymo has declared his unwavering loyalty and admiration for the present Nigerian government under the leadership of President Tinubu.

The crooner on his Instagram handle detailed why the president is his ‘Greatest of All Time’ and has earned his staunch respect following the reversion of the National Anthem.

President Asiwaju Tinubu

The president, on his one-year-in-office celebration day, had approved the bill for the country to officially readopt the first anthem written by the colonists, hereby discarding the one after.

It was this that made Brymo glad as he explained how the new anthem held more significance than the previous. He highlighted some verses of the anthem that bring out the patriotic spirit and unity of the various tribal sects in the nation.

Brymo’s post

However, this post has stirred mixed reactions in netizens as they deliberate on the importance of the new anthem or why the artiste would endorse it.


Read some of the comments:

@dennybow: Who no k ow say wale brain na upside down e dey work before 😂😂😂

@parryworld: This one dey always dey d wrong lane. Anticlockwise thinking

@evesoal: I personally also like this new anthem

@abosco32: There is message in this old anthem that have to do with the tribalism happening now in Nigeria but because of hate for the president people didn’t see the message because this Nigeria is not United anymore and it’s really affecting the country

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