A pastor in Limpopo, South Africa, has committed suicide after mistakenly sending a picture of his manhood to his church Whatsapp group, it has been reported.

Pastor Letsego of the Christ Embassy church reportedly captioned the picture “wife is away; it’s all yours tonight”, according to a report by the Daily Guide.

He is thought to have been sending it to his lover who is also a member of the church.

The development is said to have stunned members of the church who questioned why a pastor would distribute lewd pictures on Whatsapp.

When Pastor Letsego realised that he had sent the picture to the wrong recipient, he left the group, stopped answering his calls and killed himself the next day, the report said.

Prior to the incident, the pastor reportedly forged close bonds with a female member of the church whose name was given as Miriam.

He is said to have, however, denied that any amorous thing was going on between them.

It is not immediately clear if Miriam was the intended recipient of the damaging picture.


  1. He for just lie to d group, my brethren see the type of pictures dat is now trending on social nerwk, gay gay,please dnt ever allow dem to deciev u,give ur life to Christ,… Lol.. Because I know his face was nt showing in d picture… I know na fake news anyway

  2. Pastor this pastor that don’t you have better stories to tell? Just on a mission to make caricature of Christianity, that’s all you see on social media this days, God have mercy on you

  3. Why is the pastor taken such photo in the first place, he was having in mind to send it to one of his mistresses in church before Jesus Christ exposed him to the whole congregations! Thou,you have met your Waterloo, May the Lord judge you according to your Deed.

  4. Nawaoh, he had been sending it before but God said it is time to expose him. This is why Muslims complaining about Christians because hardly you will see Muslim brother engaged in this such act. Well, no partial in heaven I’m sure he will be judged accordingly.

  5. Yea is fake news.I hate its when yaba post about pastor.please if u don’t have headline DAT will help improve pur current status.please quit off the line.rubbish the Muslim will just be looking out us like nothing.is high time we change the mentality of unbelievers and yaba.pls don’t mk them look at our God to be a nonentity

    • Blessing Adele …if truly he did it Nd yaba decided to post it I see no wrong in it….it doesn’t have anything to do with people thinking bad about your religion..it’s just who you’re,….I’m a Muslim Nd I’ve seen alot of wrong post buh who am I to judge anyone??? Some followers may not be good buh the religion is perfect….so don’t judge a person’s behavior by the religion. #just saying tho

  6. It’s a pity that most still read such news on social media and write dangerous comments…… A pastor mistakingly sent his manhood on whatsapp group and killed himself. Sit down and think before u comment cos I can see some saying that y they like other religion

  7. dis yabaleft online always post shits abt christians even if its not tru..imagine dey always post shits abt islam if dey wnt kum n find dem n slaughter dem due to to its brutality,is it bcos xtianity is religion of peace?..

  8. yabalie pls nxt tym i want to at every scene like dis of one,how can a pastor snap his manhood and mistakenly send it to church member,if u guys don’t stop posting rubbish eh,hell is real,av Neva seen a day Dat u guys post nonsense against Muslims because dey go jst bomb una, Christian religion is very peaceful dat why

  9. That is the end of the immoral road for him. God just decided to expose him. This should be a lesson for all because sending nude pictures via internet is demonic and a sin before God. It is not right at all. We must live morally, no matter how difficult, we must try.

  10. Not everyone putting on suit shouting in the name of Jesus Christ are pastor, besides anybody of today can answers pastors been a Muslims or Christians….. Remember what ur Bible say, not all that says my lord my Lord that will see the kingdom of God, but those that do the will of God…… Brothers and sisters let’s leave the judgment for God to judge……. God bless you all.

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