OAP Nedu claims

Popular media personality, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, professionally known as Nedu Wazobia, has made another controversial claim in his usual fashion and this time, it is about a well-known clergyman.

Nedu stated on Naija FM that the pastor of a popular church in the Island area of Lagos state dominated by young people have consensual sex with his female members.

OAP Nedu claims

According to the media personality, his friend has been trying to date some of the female members of the church, but they always turned him down only for him to discover that they sleep with the pastor.

Though he didn’t disclose the name of the church and pastor, Nedu hinted that the clergyman’s wife is an active preacher in the church.

Watch him speak below,

A while back, Nedu stated that he’ll never marry a virgin.

He said this during the latest episode of his “Honest Bunch” podcast with actress Juliana Olayode, where they shared their opinions on marriage and virginity.

He noted that he will never get married to a virgin because he believes ladies who are not virgins tend to make better decisions than those who are virgins.

He stated that ladies who decide to remain chaste until marriage attach too much pride and value to it, which in the long run makes them misbehave.

“If I want to marry, I would not get marry to someone who’s a virgin and I will tell you why. I think girls that are not virgins tends to make better decisions, those girls that are virgins, they believe, oh this is my pride, my virginity is my pride, it’s my value, I’m a 30 Year Old and I’m a virgin and I kept it to myself”, he said.

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