Different reactions have trailed the video of a little girl crying after her father offered to give her ten thousand dollars if she makes herself cry.

The video that her dad shared on his TikTok page captured the baby crying right after her dad made her an offer.

Recording the moment, he asked her to make herself cry for ten thousand dollars which she did and stopped a few seconds after.

Her dad who had no idea what the outcome would be, was seen laughing loudly as she cried.

While some internet users commened the little baby’s acting skills others found the clip hilarious.

Below are some of the comments,

@thereal_picasso21:  She had to think about a sad situation first

@MASK_MAN:  She thought about when you all denied her favorite cookie and boom, starts crying

@Ayeneyo Evaline:  It’s in our DNA when it comes to money no girl child can disappoint you

@Brittney Brittney:  that baby is a paid actress, she better get her cut

@Shaunterica Morris: Man that baby trying to help you all get them bills paid

@Lil mama:  No one is going to tell me otherwise this girl na Igbo girl

@tracyhudson307:  Hollywood here she comes she most definitely understood the agenda

Watch the video below,

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