Mike Bamiloye asks

Popular clergyman and movie producer, Mike Bamiloye, has advised young men to stop trying to deceive God with their giving habits.

The clergyman took to his Instagram page to inform men that paying tithes out of winnings they made from sports betting would not appease God because it was impossible to bribe him.

He wrote;

“Bros, You played sport Betting and won and brought the Tithe and Offering to the Lord’s House, to win the Lord to your side. You think you would Blindfold Him and appease Him with a Bribe?”

A while back, Mike Bamiloye took to social media to address people who enter into marriage with preparations to leave once something goes wrong.

The movie producer told such people not to expect their marriages to last because they have ‘successfully’ prepared for failure.

Taking to his Instagram page on Sunday afternoon, November 20, Mike Bamiloye said,

“If you are approaching the altar of marriage with the preparation to jet out whenever anything goes wrong, then, don’t expect to last long in it. You have prepared for failure.”

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