Gbemi expresses

Popular media personality, Gbemi has expressed sympathy for a dispatch rider who stole five packs of food from an order.

Gbemi, who also operates a food business, said the dispatch rider was contracted to deliver an order to a company that ordered 45 packs of food.

To their surprise, the rider opened the well-packaged order and removed five packs of food from it, for his personal consumption.

Gbemi expresses

Speaking on the incident, Gbemi expressed pity for the rider and attributed his action to the level of hunger and suffering in Nigeria.

The media personality, who was recently appointed as the Group Vice President of Marketing for Wakanow, wrote on Instagram,

“Guys, the amount of gist I have for you.
A company ordered 45 packs of lunch packs from us and we sent it with Rida after careful packaging, like the paper bags was stapled together and the driver opened it and stole 5 packs, guys 5 packs.

People are hungry
This is sad, it’s funny and not funny at the same time.”

Gbemi expresses

However, some netizens chided her for trying to justify the rider’s action when he obviously stole from her company.

@officalbobbyfrederick_ wrote, “Abeg if it’s true ,it’s not hunger but greed, there are poor people who are honest regardless of their financial situation, the guy na junior anini 😩”

@pweetie_ik wrote, “Hunger is not an excuse to take what doesn’t belong to you. A whole 5 packs haba😂😂😂😂😂not even 1 pack. That’s stealing laced with greed”

@petplusvets wrote, “You people need to stop justifying wrong behaviour with hunger. He’s not the only hungry person in the country. Why isn’t everyone going about taking what’s not theirs? He’s a rogue. That’s all.”

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