Somadina Adinma berates

Nollywood actor, Somadina Adinma has reacted to the verbal altercation between Big Brother Naija level-up housemates, Phyna and Bella.

Recall that on Tuesday afternoon, there was a wild drama in Biggie’s house after Phyna and Bella got into a heated argument.

 Somadina Adinma berates

The drama started when the current Head of House, Phyna, asked Bella, who was chatting away with Chomzy during a wager task meeting, to suspend their discussion till after the meeting.

“Every discussion here is about the wager. Bella, you can talk about food when you get to the room. Let’s talk about the wager.” Phyna said.

This triggered Bella, who immediately responded to Phyna that she’s in no position to dictate to her.

“You have no right to say that, control what I say are you the owner of the house”, Bella responded.

The argument resulted in a war of words between the ladies as they called each other unprintable names.

Bella said Phyna was from the street, and an enraged Phyna, in response, lambasted Bella and questioned her upbringing. Watch the fight here

Reacting to the drama, Somadina took to his Twitter page to berate Phyna for always ‘overreacting’ to issues in the house.

He also expressed displeasure with the Edo-born housemate for threatening to physically assault Bella and questioned if she’s the first female housemate to come from the trenches.

In the now-deleted tweet, he wrote,

“Phyna be doing too much, if not for big brother rules you go break Bella legs cos you are from the streets lol… na you be first agbero girl.. Mtcheew”

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