A quite physically fit grandmother and her equally fit granddaughter have wowed the internet and had people talking about them.

Sexagenarian, Lesley Maxwell and her teenage granddaughter, Tia Christofi joined forces to demonstrate a killer workout routine while wowing fans with snaps where they flaunted their banging bodies.

The grandmother who hails from Australia, has over 34,900 followers on Instagram where she shows off her incredible physique.

Not too long ago, the bodybuilder shared a workout clip with her granddaughter, Tia which left people in awe over their amazing body physique.

The grandmother captioned the post: “Toning that upper body with this quick and effective workout with my fit granddaughter.”

In reaction, a number of people asked the grandmother what she eats to stay in shape.

One fan gushed: “Lesley you can’t have such a body! It is not known who is the granddaughter or grandmother.

“Can you put recipes of what food you eat? Obviously, complemented with exercises. Thank you.”

Another added: “Two beautiful strong young ladies.”

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