A “Nurse Man” who is tired of peeps referring to him as a doctor, took to his facebook page to make a public announcement.

He wants to be referred as a “Nurse”, “Midwife” or a “Public Health Nurse”. Read Below:


For those of you who keep calling me “Doctor Kelvin” or “Doc”… I have been politely declining it but i have to post this. I AM A NURSE. I am not a doctor.

Doctors and nurses are not the same. Even though we both may hold relatively the same knowledge about patients, medicine and health generally, we differ in roles and responsibilities.

I am a NURSE, MIDWIFE and A PUBLIC HEALTH NURSE by profession. I worked for it. I schooled for it. Dont take it from me.

I am not a DOCTOR But A Proud NURSE

Thanks for your Usual cooperation and understanding.

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