A female evangelist has advised women to make thoughtful decisions when a man who isn’t financially secure woos them.

She claimed that if a woman rejects a guy today due to his social standing and inability to meet her wants, she will submit to him in ten years.

She remarked during a radio interview that women’s comparison of themselves to other young women wearing costly brands is the major reason they won’t date a struggling man.

She advised any woman who wants expensive clothing or accessories to pay for them herself rather than waiting for a male to offer them money or make the purchase.

The clergywoman emphasized the importance for women to support an ambitious guy even in the face of his financial inability, as opposed to living with him because he cannot support them.

Watch the video below.

In other words, Funmi Aragbaye has opined that young couples are more likely to be divorced because they are unable to withstand challenges in marriage.

The singer said this in an interview with The Punch, pointing out that happiness in marriage doesn’t have everything to do with how wealthy one’s spouse is.

“The major cause of divorce among young couples is the fact that they cannot endure hardship with anybody. And, they prefer getting married to rich people. However, happiness in marriage is not dependent on how rich one’s spouse is. Young people should always seek divine direction from God before they get married.

They should find out about the families of their would-be spouses, and not just focus on how rich they are. There are some families with peculiar ancestry curses that one should avoid. Young people should also learn to endure, be patient and rugged, and be understanding.”

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