It All started well this year, Which has quite been eventful for Nigerians. Many popular Nigerians couldn’t make it to 2016

Ranging from politicians to entertainers, Actors,prominent Nigerians, etc. Their death came to us as a shock.

Popular Nigerians Who Died In 2015. May Their Souls Continue to Rest in The Bosom of The Lord.

See Below:

1. Muna Obiekwe

He was a nollywood veteran actor,he was one of the most talented actors in the industry. Born On January 18, 2015, he died from kidney disease after he could not afford the fee his hospital was demanding.

He is survived by wife and children.


2. Dede One Day

The Nollywood actor and prince of comedy’s death came as a shock to nigerians and the entertainment industry at large.

He died in the early hours of monday december 14 after performing at an event.

Dede one Day Dead, Dede One Day is dead, is dede one day dead?

According to The nation reports, he anchored a program for one Mr Charles Esonu in Aba.

He left there for Ugwunagbo for another event he was contracted to anchor, but he couldn’t conclude the event.

He was rushed to the hospital due to blood pressure issues,he died later that night.

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