Young Muslim girl sitting in dark room feeling pain with life problem. Crying muslim female holding painful hand, suffering from husband violence

A Lady who identified @m4yenv has shared on microblogging platform X how she dealt with her cousin who sexually harassed her.

She revealed that she prayed that he wouldn’t bear kids and after fifteen years of marriage he’s still childless.

She also added that she likes the way he’s suffering and keeps going from one doctor to the other to find a solution.

Her tweet read;

“one of my cousins who sexually harassed me I prayed to Allah to not give him kids it’s been 15 years of his marriage and he’s still child less. seeing him suffering, going to a new doctor every year makes me so happy. I love Allah so much”

The disclosure which came as a shocker to the majority is currently been circulating on all social platforms and has sparked a controversy online.

While some stood by the lady and her decision, others wondered how the wife of her cousin was coping with the predicament.

Below are some of the reactions,

@maryambaskrdo:  Wait. You ok my girl? Literally such kinda man deserve worse than this. Not a single sympathy in my heart for this man. My prayers are with you my love.

@tatibg_geng:  Pls pray and be clear about the partner you want to marry. See the innocent wife, use head carry wetin she know nothing about😩

@ty_philip:  It’s how the poor wife is suffering for what she does not know. Don’t r@pe anyone

@kennedyexcel:  Karma knows everybody house address if you mess up you go collect…

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