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Video Of Lagosians Taking To the Streets To Protest Against Economic Hardship Goes Viral (WATCH)

A human rights group known as Take It Back Movement has initiated a protest in Lagos to voice their concerns about the prevailing economic hardship in the country.

The protesters have gathered beneath the iconic Ojuelegba bridge, demanding urgent action to address the challenging economic conditions.

In response to the protest, security agents have been deployed to the area to maintain peace and prevent any potential disruptions to law and order.

The demonstration comes after the Lagos State Police Command issued a statement on Sunday, February 25, cautioning prospective protesters against engaging in violence or activities that might infringe upon the rights of others.

The statement specifically mentioned the need to avoid obstructing traffic or causing disruptions to commercial activities within the state.

The protest serves as an expression of the frustrations felt by many Lagosians due to high economic difficulties.

Citizens are struggling with rising costs of living, high unemployment rates, and other challenges.

The Take It Back Movement aims to speak on these issues and call for immediate action from the relevant authorities.

As the protesters rally under the Ojuelegba bridge, their actions have garnered the attention of netizens, leading to discussion online on the urgent need for measures to help alleviate economic hardships.


Watch the video below:



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