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It’s beyond doubts that the comic industry in the country has evolved to be an established money making firm. As many young acts are coming by the day, the comic scene seems to be a force to reckon with when it comes to entertainment in the country.

While we know that quite a number of these comic acts have settled down with their soul mates and are having a whale of time being a celebrity couple, we also know that there are some top comedians who have not even given us a hint of them tying the knots anytime soon.

We take a look at those celebs.


lepacious boose

Lepacious Bose, whose real name is Bose Ogunboye, warmed her way into our hearts with her quick wit and sharp tongue. Her name was an irony of her big size.

The comedienne, whose widely celebrated weight loss is still spreading like wildfire is yet to tie the knot. The witty lady is also an actress. Although it has been rumoured she’s married, Bose is yet to officially deny or confirm the claim.

She graduated from University of Ibadan with a degree in Theatre Arts. She started her career while in the university when she joined Afro media Organization.

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