Governor of Ekiti state, Ayodele Fayose yesterday, Sunday 11th distributed rams to Muslim faithfuls and urged them to pray for peace and unity of the country.

He made this request after he monitored the distribution of rams to Muslim leaders at the Government House in Ado Ekiti. He said:


“We should live above board, we should live in line with what we preach, as Muslim brothers we are one and the same. We must equally pray for the Unity of Nigeria. It is not enough to say I am a Christian or I am a Muslim, we must live by reaching out to one another and equally putting one another under check when we are doing the wrong thing, nobody should be above the law. “In the circumstance that we have found ourselves, our nation is in challenging times, we should come out and support this nation so that Nigeria does not go down”.


“I do this because it’s part of the Cardinals of the Islamic religion and as a leader, the little I am able to do, I should be seen to be doing so. “I might not be able to buy ram for everybody, I can’t give ram to everyone but my people must still see the love in me trying my best to at least identify with everybody”.


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  1. @ Ade Adetona, what make ram haram? Few hours ago you wished your friends and relatives happy eid mubarak, why now the inconsistency? Its time we respect each others choice when it comes to religion. God bless you.

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