A 29 year-old Prophetess, identified as Juliet Masakanire, has been arrested for allegedly sexually molesting a female congregant.

prophetess arrested

She is said to be the founder of Pray Deliverance and Testimony Ministries International in Gweru, Zimbabwe.

According to reports, she was also accused of bribing the victim with US$16 and making several EcoCash transactions to buy her silence.

The sexual molestation victim said that the Prophetess would suck her breasts while putting her fingers in her private part, stating that it occurred on three different occasions.

The victim said;

“She used to give me money every time she abused me. She gave me US$10, US$6, R50 and transferred varying amounts to my account via EcoCash. She said I should do what she wanted if I entertained any thoughts of getting married.”

She also alleged that she sowed her smart phone as a seed inorder to get a husband.

Prophetess Juliet pleaded not guilty to the charges in court and denied the allegation levelled against her. She is currently out on $1 000 bail.

Reacting to these allegations, the prophetess said;

“I was giving her money for groceries and other things since we stayed together. She is framing me because they want to destroy me and my church.”



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