A Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) officer has posted a video of a rat high on cannabis.

According to Mr. Femi Babafemi, the rat got into the showroom where cannabis is held at one of the NDLEA Commands.

Babafemi’s video shows that the rat began to be affected by the drug after swallowing some of it. He believes the rat’s actions should serve as a warning to others who use mind-altering substances.

“Stray rat gets high on C/S: So this rat 🐀 on Friday strayed into the exhibit room where cannabis was stored in one of @ndlea_nigeria commands and few minutes after, it began to misbehave. Need I say more? The message is clear. #SayNoToMindAlteringSubstances#” he tweeted.

Watch the video here:

@fakiyode wrote “Stunning. This should be part of a wider Public enlightenment promotion by National Orientation Agency”

@donortez wrote “This video from NDLEA definitely shows how drugs will affect human beings…remember Rats were used at Labs to test drugs…thats the effect of drugs u take… Stay away from hard drugs..Colorado, smoke oo..they all synthetic drugs..it will fry ur brains”

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