A young man who won 38 million naira from sports betting with an investment of just eight hundred naira has come under fire for his choice to go pray immediately after his win was confirmed.

The young man was seen performing ablution in a video posted online before heading into the mosque to pray. He was escorted by well-wishers singing his praises and congratulating him on his success.

Watch the video here:

Netizens who disagreed with his choice have taken to Twitter to drop their opinions. Read some here:

Smh. Gamble and go to mosque to thank God? Some people dey craze sha”

“I thought it was haram for Muslims to bet”

“Women are funny. Person wey dem no dey look before now they’re doing awwwnnnnnn for him. Soon they will start visiting him amd cooking for him and being nice to him ”

“After they will say don’t bet, betting is a sin. If that guy should give his Afla 1m or renovate the mosque they will make him an Alfa in the shortest time”

“You win betting and the next thing you do is heading to mosque and pray ? Pray for what exactly ?”

“Whatever it is still haram, in his religion he knows it too. May Almighty Allah continue to forgive us all.”


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