Michael Arowosaiye, a gospel minister of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has allegedly committed suicide.

According to his friend, the incident happened around 4pm on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, at Sunnyvale Estate. The deceased allegedly hanged himself with his belt.

It was gathered that Michael, who recently ministered during a Youth Praise event at the church, entered into depression over his accommodation issues before taking the drastic step.

See photo below ;



  1. Stop killing urseld due to hardship, share ur problem with someone, we all know Buhari government and hid cultic cabals has made Nigeria hell

  2. was it Buhari Government that asked him to go and kill himself?Pls leave my president out of this mess.Bai baba!May his soul rest in piece’s

  3. the young man wouldn’t have gone so far in taking up he’s life because of some challenges he’s passing through, God is the giver of life by doing that he has committed more in God s sight,a lot of us in Nigeria are passing through such situation yet we keep going believing that life ahead hold promise.I don’t what to mention church in this situation because there are people created by God that help don’t easily come to them unless it appointed of God.this group s are dedicated in God worship and praise but church can’t see to appreciate their effort, but you see those that are not dedicated are been helped,so I honestly believe it God s will ,may he’s soul rest in peace.

  4. it is insane,there is no condition that will enable me committing suicide.pls remember judgment of God.

  5. I still don’t believe he hanged himself due to accommodation issues. I believe there’s something they’re not telling us.
    But I pray God to forgive his action and whatever led to this and grant him eternal rest.

  6. o God sure us your mercy why will he do that in a big church like that, he could ve ask someone to help him out, he might ve probably out of sham or pride refused to tell someone what he is going through, but I pray God will help believers course they er going through a lot in this country.

  7. let’s just stop all this he should have spoken up. do you think he didn’t. you will ask someone for help and all they will reply you it’s well knowing fully well you really need that help. he was a minister in the church he knows people and what made you all believe he didn’t for help. no body is willing to help instead they will tell you it’s well. tell me who that one help. may his soul rest in peace, but if i were him I will leave the church and embrace Lucifer since the church can’t help what’s the need. I no dey even go Church again self.

  8. It is quite sad…
    Only God understands better…
    We should all watch and pray not to enter into such devilish temptation.
    In times like this, we need the Saviour and the Bible, while ensuring that our anchor holds firmly on the Solid Rock.

  9. may God have mercy on you Michael. to other minister let’s learn to hold on God word and promises for there are sure…….RIP

  10. more investigation should be carried out on his death,I know Michael very well he can’t do such,,as for the Church,, may God help us all

  11. I pray that the good Lord will have mercy and forgive his actions, pls Christians out there let’s try and be our brother’s keeper.

  12. Please this issue of people commiting suicide is becoming unbecoming,I have read news of several persons commiting suicide and it quickly reminds of the story of JOB in the bible after all he passed through, he didn’t take his life.There are others in the Bible who faced serious challenges and after some period of time,everything was over.. So please 🙏 🙏 🙏 let’s allow God to take charge of our life, I don’t want anybody to take his/her life anymore.Always be optimistic. May the Good Lord have mercy on us all…

  13. Let’s all work out our own salvation with fear & trembling, Always ask God to direct you in every situation, he never sleeps nor slumber & he’s never late


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