The founder of the Dunamis church, pastor Paul Eneche has released a new gospel hit song which has caused massive sensation on the internet.

The theme of the just released music video is that of the British Bridgerton movie as the actors don eye-catching costumes.

What further piqued netizens’ interest was the amapiano dance they infused into the jam which turned it into a spectacular feat.

Some netizens however think it is ungodly to bring a secular dance into a religious song. Many also think the track is too similar to Pastor Odumeje’s song, Powers.

Nevertheless, many are glad for the jams and could not contain their excitement in the comment section. Read:

prophetolabisiadamu: Woooow this is amazing 🔥

ufuomaidebe: The Productivity of Dr Paul Enenche should be studied…because howwwww is he able to do everything and be everywhere, release songs, and even do video????? Haaaaaa. I am impressed 🔥🔥

gabrieleziashi: Oooookkkoaaayyyyyy I didn’t see this one coming! Nice one Pastor 🙌🙌👏👏🔥🔥❤️

deji_revaypro: This song go spreadddd like wild fireee

Goody Austine: Their costumes are giving Bridgeton 😁

Jah Naey: No be Odumeje melody e thief so? 🙄

Florence Ihini Omenka: Bridgerton meets amapiano!!!

See the video snippet below,

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