A Nigerian lady residing in the UK has advised Nigerians planning to relocate abroad to be discreet with their relocation plans after her encounter with a US-bound Nigerian man who misplaced his passport.

According to the lady, the Nigerian man who was traveling to the US lost his passport at the point of a connecting flight from the UK to the US.

In the viral video, the young man appeared really bewildered when the lady approached him to ask about what happened to his passport.

Responding, the man said the passport mysteriously disappeared because he remembered carrying it with him while going to the boarding gate.

The lady said after witnessing the incident she concluded that juju is real, and advised people to keep their relocation plan a secret until they get to their destination.

Watch video below,

In other news, following the current rave among Nigerians to leave the country, a Nigerian man residing in the UK, has given a premium advice to those planning to relocate to the UK.

Speaking in a video making rounds on the internet, the young man advised aspiring UK migrants to make sure they have as much sex as they can before moving to the UK because it’s hard to bed a woman over there.

According to him, since he relocated to the UK a year ago, he has not slept with a woman because most women believe that Nigerian migrants are after their ‘papers’.

Bewailing his inability to satisfy his heightened sexual urge, the young man said that’s the case for most black migrants in the UK hence why Nigerian men have phone sex with women back in Nigeria and request for their nudes to satisfy their sexual urge.

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