Tacha writes

Reality TV star and businesswoman, Natacha Akide better known as Tacha, has read her riot act for the forthcoming general election in 2023.

Taking to Twitter to pass her message on Wednesday morning, August 12, Tacha said nobody should pull the respect card during the election because she can not be expected to respect people trying to ruin her life and that of her unborn children.

Tacha writes

She said even though she is very respectful and polite to the aged, nobody should demand respect from her in 2023 and anyone who acts unruly will receive a taste of their own medicine irrespective of their age.

She tweeted,

“You see this elections ehn! Let no body bring up respect oh! Because you cannot be trying to k*ll me and my unborn children and still be expecting respect from me. I like to be polite BUT Shurrup your mouth.”

A while back, Tacha Akide overtly declared her intention to be fully involved in the country’s 2023 general elections.

According to the reality star, who shared a video of herself in a health facility donning a hospital garb, she’d be actively involved in the election on all levels.

Tacha in her message, tells citizens that they can’t afford to be sitting on the fence during the elections.

She says those who campaign for their candidates should bear in mind that they would be the one to suffer the consequences if they choose a bad leader.

She then advised citizens not to take the election as a do-or-die affair but ensure that they vote wisely.

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