Kiddwaya brags

Reality TV star, Terseer Waya, better known as Kiddwaya, has taken credit for the popularity of Nigeria and his home state, Benue.

He stated this in a recent interview with Savvy Media, while highlighting some of the global brands he has worked with since he participated in Big Brother Naija.

Kiddwaya brags

He claimed that Nigeria will not be as famous as it is today if it weren’t for people like him, adding that he also made his billionaire father, Terry Waya, more famous.

The 29-year-old media entrepreneur, who knew his statement might hit some nerves, asserted that people can be offended but it doesn’t change the truth.

Kiddwaya brags

His words,

“Not only have I made my father more famous but I’ve also made Nigeria more famous.

This is the best time to be in the Nigeria entertainment industry and I’m one of the reasons why it’s cool to be us!

I know some people will cry about the statement I just made, but I’m one of the few people who has had the pleasure of working with established institutions in the western world such as BBC, Channel 4/5, The Times, The sun, and of course the Hollywood giant Brian Cox, etc.

I continue to rep Africa and Nigeria! Carrying the flag for my nation. I also put Benue, my beautiful state on the map! I did that when I was on BBN so if you don’t agree with my statement then you can cry today, cry tomorrow and cry forever. Period!”

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