A Nigerian man, who claims to have been in the 21-storey building in Ikoyi, Lagos state, hours before it collapsed on Monday, November 1, has narrated how his rejection for being a Muslim saved his life.

Job Seeker

The man said he was in the building on that fateful day to interview for a role with the developer of the building, Femi Osibona.

He however claimed that Mr Femi who was one of the casualties in the unfortunate incident rejected him for being a Muslim.

According to him, Mr Femi said he can’t work with a Muslim and made jokes about it in the presence of his colleagues and other workers.

Job Seeker (video)

He said he was downtrodden after the interview and was on his way home when his friend called him to inquire about where he was and relayed the information about the building collapse to him.

Watch him speak during an interview with AN24TV below,

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  1. No wonder they did a shuddy job, instead of looking for competency, he kept searching for church members.. giving jobs to palm oil sellers church members in the name of engineers.. for a multi storey building…is that how DANGOTE manage to excel?? MUMU Man..

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