Popular Relationship coach Joro Olumofin has aided young single men by helping them outline the amount they should spend on a first date.

The post which the Love doctor shared on his Instagram story contained date location ideas and the amount that should be spent.

He stated that a man is supposed to spend N140,000 to N150,000 during a first date with a well detailed explanation.

His write-up read;

“This is the Basic Amount a Guy is expected to pay on a first Date with a lady:

1) Movie – N8,000 ( IMAX ) x2 =N16,000

(2) Popcorn – N4,000 x2 = N8,000

(3) Hotdog – N5,000 x 2 = N10,000

(4) Drink – N4,000 N2,000 x 2 =

(5) Lunch After the movie = N75,000

(6) Transport = N25,000

(7) Ice Cream = N12,000 – N6000 x 2

N140,000 – N150,000 on the first Date.

It takes at least 4 dates for a lady to consider a Guy. Which means N137,000 x 4 dates = N560,000.

A guy who’s intentional about a lady won’t have an issue with this.”

Joro Olumofin who is well known for match-making skills noted that an intentional man wouldn’t have a problem with his opinion because it is the right thing to do.

However, his opinion didn’t sit well with some internet users who argued that it was a lot of money to spend on a first date.

Below are some of the reactions,

@Shile_matrix:  The money no be problem but what if after the first, second and third date she come say she’s not interested what should I do? 

@EbisikeIj:  This is bill for a gentleman fortunately they are not many anymore

@Anufadele:  He no even ask how much be my salary first

@Homiebishop:  Some people don’t even earn that a whole year

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