Relationship expert Joro Olumofin has shared his thoughts on why men cheat and have extramarital affairs.

Read below:

Men are scum, Men are scum. This has become the mantra of a lot of ladies today. There is no lie that Most extramarital affairs are initiated by men. Yes , we’re allowed to blame men. Most men don’t know any better. Infact a lot weren’t raised to be monogamous in nature. But I’ve never heard the saying “ Men supporting men” or “men empowerment”. Women empowerment has become a movement and a thing of beauty to observe because of the inequalities in the society towards women. But if women were truly supporting other women , why do most women sleep with a married man knowing the damage it does to the wife (woman) . Is this women supporting women? We have a long way to go in women supporting women in Nigeria if a woman can’t say simple NO to give another woman peace of mind and happiness. If women are truly supporting women, there won’t be an Epidemic of Sidechicks.



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