Former presidential aide and author, Reno Omokri has urged men to create joint accounts with their spouses.

This advice came after a follower queried if it was wise to open a joint account with his wife knowing all the evil women were rumored to perpetuate.

Reno referred to men who hid money from their wives as foolish because when they died the money would be forfeited to the state and their family would lose everything.

He wrote;

“Dear @AnuBlizz,
Thank you for your feedback. Do you know how many foolish men have left money in banks in Nigeria and abroad, which are then forfeited to the state when they die, because they hid it from their wives and children? My wife and I have a joint account, because we are two in one. Not only my accounts, but my wife knows every asset I have. Trust who you marry and don’t marry who you don’t trust!

It is better for obirin ti è fé (iyawo) to get your money, than for it to go to strangers.

Thank you again and may God bless you”

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