Rapper Dandizzy

Nigerian rapper, Daniel Tuotamuno Darius, better known as Dandizzy, has urged rich Igbo men and women to come together to develop the East.

He stated this on Twitter on Wednesday, February 9, in a seeming reaction to those criticizing Labour Party Presidential Candidate and former Anambra state Governor, Peter Obi, because of the state of the East.

The rapper said Igbos should develop their states in order to curb all the ‘unnecessary disrespect’ that they have been subjected to.

Rapper Dandizzy

According to him, the wealthy should not only visit the East in December to throw parties and spray money, but should work together to develop the region.

He added that Easterners should also elect better governors who care about their interest and develop their states.

In a series of tweets, he wrote,

“Such a scary time to be an igbo man, rich igbo people need to just find a way to develop the East and stop spraying 200 naira notes in the East every December to stop all this unnecessary disrespect!!!

Igbo people need to elect people that care about the development of their own people they literally know how to make money why not develop your place???”

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