A 19-year-old lady who claims to be in a romantic relationship with her best friend’s dad has cried out online over the unfair treatment she’s experiencing at his hands.

The lady took to an online dating platform to vent her frustrations, claiming that the man behaves all lovey-dovey with his wife whenever she visits, which she finds upsetting.

She claimed she has a boyfriend her age who the sugar daddy knows about since he lives nearby, but he gets annoyed whenever he sees them together.

According to the disgruntled young lady, her sugar daddy publicly expresses his love for his wife in front of her but complains when he sees her with her young boyfriend.

“Hi Auntie Momoza.
I’m a 19 year old girl currently on gap year. Please keep me anonymous. I’m dating my best friend’s father, he is 46. My friend does not know about this. When I visit my friend he has this habit of deliberately being loveydovey with his wife in front of me. But later on he’ll be texting me asking for naughty pictures. I told him to consider my feelings when I’m at his house but he doesn’t.

When I want to break up with him he threatens to take the iPhone he bought for me. So I started dating a guy my age, he lives next-door from my sugar’s house. He gets angry everytime he sees me with the boy. How is it fair that he can show love to his wife in front of me but I can’t do the same when I’m with my boyfriend? Why is he being selfish and childish?”

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