A young female South African constable was brutally murdered by her lover, who also is a police officer at KwaDabeka Police Station in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa on Tuesday 29 August.

Nontuthuko Mthembu, who started working as a police officer just last year, was allegedly shot and killed by her boyfriend before he turned the gun and took his own life.

According to KwaDabeka police spokesperson Captain Mazwi Mbatha, the man who is based at the Inanda Cluster was in one of the offices with Mthembu at the KwaDabeka police station when they heard her screaming for help and asking for forgiveness.

“We then heard about four gunshots and rushed into the office, and unfortunately they were declared dead on scene,” said Mbatha.

“Although the staff has been counselled, the situation is still very tense at the station. We have had lots of people coming in and out since the incident happened.”

Mthembu was described as a bubbly people’s person who respected her job.

Photos below:

SA Police Officer Kills Girlfriend

SA Police Officer Kills Girlfriend

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