Champagne Beatz, a Nigerian man, has been accused of lying after publicly announcing that he is not the biological father of his three children on social media.

The producer took to his Insta-stories on Tuesday, March 8, to accuse his partner of paternity fraud. He accused her of having affairs with different men while they were together. Read here.

However, a woman claiming to be the sister of Champagne Beatz’s partner has now spoken out in her sister’s defense. The lady said that the music producer is making assumptions and has not carried out a DNA test to ascertain if the kids are his or not.

She went on to state that Champagne Beatz made the allegations to avoid his fatherly responsibilities to the children.

“This beast of a man has made an untruthful post that will forever torture him for the rest of his life… She asked you to take all the children for a DNA but you refused and said you are not ready for any DNA test, you said you believe in your heart that the children are not yours”, she wrote in part.

Read her full post below,

In an apparent reaction to the lady’s claim, Champagne took to his Instagram Stories to stand his ground, insisting his allegation against his partner is “real and authentic”.

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