Ace Nigerian comedian, Bovi has shared his chat with a friend who asked him for financial assistance despite an outstanding debt from 15 years ago.

The friend who had borrowed N25,000 from Bovi since 2011 and was yet to pay it back recently reached out to him for another financial favour, but the comedian was not having it.

According to the friend, he’s planning to move into a new apartment because he can no longer afford his previous rent. However, he still needed N500,000 to balance the new rent.

He begged Bovi to help with the balance before he looses the new house to another person due to a lack of funds.

“Please can you help with any assistance to be able to balance up. I have till Wednesday to pay up before someone else takes it”, the friend pleaded.

Responding, Bovi declined to help and reminded the friend that he was still owing him N25,000 from 2011.

“You owe me 25k its almost 15 years now. 2011 in Igbinedon university I borrowed you for flight ticket. Pay that one first”. He wrote.

Sharing screenshot of the chat on his Instagram page, Bovi wrote, “I never forger! Memo to all”.

In a subsequent post, he added, “Lean on me, no mean say make you press me d!e”.


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