DJ Cuppy reveals

Billionaire heiress and entertainer, DJ Cuppy has revealed the extreme measure she took to ensure she completes her thesis.

The singer who is taking a Masters Programme in Oxford University, is currently writing her thesis and has been giving her followers update on the process.

She recently took a trip to Monaco and spent some weeks in her father’s luxury home in the European country to focus better on writing her thesis.

However on Tuesday, June 15, Cuppy who is back in London, shared a photo of the humorous step she took to ensure she focuses squarely on completing her thesis.

The 29-year-old singer attached a note on her back, telling people that she gets easily distracted so they shouldn’t talk to her because she wants to concentrate on her thesis.

“Please don’t talk to me. I don’t have self control and will talk to you for hours and will not get my thesis done”, she wrote.

DJ Cuppy reveals

A while ago, DJ Cuppy responded to an ageist who made a snide remark about her single status.

Cuppy had taken to Twitter to share photos she took at the London Fashion Week and asked if she could add “modelling” to her long list of talents.

However, a Twitter user snagged the opportunity to tell the entertainer to find a man soon because she’s getting old.

“Find a man. You’ll be 40 soon”, the troll wrote.

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