Stefflon Don advises y

Popular British rapper, Stefflon Don, has advised young women not to envy Instagram big girls because most of them are into runs.

Stefflon, in a post shared via her Instastory, said majority of the slay queens flaunting a lavish lifestyle on social media engage in transactional sex to afford their lifestyle.

She advised women not to idolize them but rather focus on developing themselves, so they can conveniently afford the lifestyle they desire.

Stefflon Don advises y

She encouraged women to empower themselves, go to school, get a job or start a business, and make money in the right way.

Steff, who was previously in a relationship with Nigerian singer, Burna Boy, wrote,

“Young girls please stop idolising the “I” girls
They selling p**sy
For a “Lifestyle” they can’ maintain on their own de getting disrespected.
It’s never worth it.
Go get it your self
Whether its school a business or a job.
Get it! L You are amazing and beautiful even if the “likes on Instagram says other
You are everything beyond social media, Fuck social media.
And never allow no boy to disrespect you just cus he has money
What ever you want make sure you can give it to your self.”

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