A young woman has taken to social media to call out her close friend, who snatched her man after she introduced them to each other.

The aggrieved woman, simply identified as Munira, detailed the betrayal by her friend and lover in a series of Instagram posts.

According to Munirah, the friend, a Nigerian model named Adeola Ariyo, was so close to her family and frequently went out with her and her boyfriend; unknown to her, Adeola had eyes for her man.

She shared photos and videos showing how close she and her friend were and how she introduced her friend to her boyfriend.

She claimed that Adeola would frequently accompany them on dates while she was unaware that her boyfriend and her friend had begun dating.

Adeola was also present at Munira’s baby shower as she prepared to welcome a child with her boyfriend.

To corroborate her claim, Munira shared screenshots of the scathing message an unremorseful Adeola sent to her after snatching her man.

In the message, Adeola declared that she and Munira were never friends, adding that she’s beneath the level of people she would regard as friends.

She went on to thank Munira for introducing her to her man.

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