UK-based woman tells

A UK-based Nigerian woman has appealed to her compatriots to send money to their relatives residing abroad because they are dealing with a lot.

In a video making rounds online, the mother of two said she spends a lot of money on numerous bills in the United Kingdom.

According to her, she once used up £40 worth of electricity unit in one night because she turned on the heater in her children’s room overnight.

UK-based woman tells

Speaking further, the woman said it’s not easy for people living abroad and urged Africans to send money to them. She said no matter how little the amount, it can go a long way to sort electricity or gas bill.

The woman, who told Africans to show compassion to their relatives abroad, said now is a wrong time to ask anyone of them for money.

Watch her speak below,

In other news, a video of a Nigerian man expressing his joy and excitement after seeing snowfall for the first time in his life has gone viral online.

The young man, who recently relocated to Poland, could barely hold his emotions after witnessing snow fall in the European country and filmed his reaction.

In the viral clip, the boisterous man demonstrated his utmost happiness to see snow fall from the snow and pleaded with it to keep falling on him.

He is seen talking excitedly about the snow as he played around and showed off his environment covered in snow.

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