Pastor Odukoya-Ijogun tells

Pastor Tolu Odukoya-Ijogun, the first daughter of late popular clergywoman, Bimbo Odukoya, has taken to Twitter to advise married couples to have sex regularly.

The mother of three gave this advise while dishing out six important rules of marriage to married couples on microblogging platform, Twitter, on Wednesday, September 5.

Sharing an admonition she received from her father, Tolu asserted that sex is a currency and if one does not spend it at home, they will eventually spend it somewhere else so couples should prioritize sex.

She tweeted,

“When in a marriage have loads of sex. A couple not sleeping is very dangerous. My father once said ‘sex is currency, if you don’t spend it at home you will spend it elsewhere’ Mr and Mrs, spend your currency at home. Truth: sex is like wine, it gets better with time.”

She also advised married couples to stop competing with each other, and also practice forgiveness because unforgiveness is a cancer that can destroy a marriage.

Read the remaining rules below,

“Rule 1: When in a marriage Stop Competing! is not a competition. Her success is your success, His success is your success. You’re both meant to complement each other not compete against each other.

Rule 2: When in a marriage your roles are fluid not fixed … It’s like being in a band… Today you might sing the lead vocals and tomorrow you might be a backup singer… Just do your role well… Your partner is depending on you to deliver…

Rule 3: When in a marriage
you are both there to serve each other. In this side of the world, women are mandated to serve their men… Sir, it is both ways, as I pour into you, your pour into me.. you can’t give what you don’t have… You are BOTH in the service industry.

Rule 4: When in a marriage, yes pick your battles but please argue; constructive disagreements are key to understanding each other better… You are 2 different human beings with working brains, conflict is bound to happen…Sometimes disagree to later agree, we need Passion.

Rule 6: When in a marriage forgive. Unforgiveness is cancer, You need to nip it in the bud before it kills your love. If it’s difficult to let go, simply means you don’t have closure… Keep talking about it. My Mother once said “Marriage is 2 forgivers living together”

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