Nigerian actor, Uche Aguh has declared that sex is unimportant in the whole dynamics of love and relationship and that people just want partners they can be silly with.

“Sex is so unimportant in the grand scheme of love and life. I think we all just want someone who adores us, laughs at our jokes, wants to cuddle with us even when it’s hot outside and the AC isn’t working. Someone who doesn’t mind being silly with you. Someone who makes you free.” he tweeted.

  1. Other social media users  did not agree with his logic and theory and dropped their contrary opinions.

Read them here:

@princemayorwar wrote, “You are so wrong. Sex is the highest form of communication between two people. If you haven’t had sex, you haven’t bounded on the highest level. Quote me anywhere”

@goddessjhay wrote, “Don’t lie to yourself just to make a point and drag others with you. If sex is so unimportant why are sexless marriages crashing? Intimacy is needed for deep connection. Sex is essential to sustain passion and reproduce. One isn’t more important than the other.”

@itsthebauce wrote, “need y’all to stop downplaying sex like every couples therapists doesn’t suggest more of it to improve the relationship. All of these things are integral but a good sex life is a game changer.”

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