A woman was apprehended on charges of endangering children, but despite this, men are swooning over her mugshot online.

The suspect’s photo was uploaded to an Instagram feed that displays arrest photos and mugshots, instead of making remarks about her suspected crime, people admired her attractiveness.
Read some of the comments below:

@vancebmal wrote, “I wanna get lost and endangered in her hair.”
@spencecc23 wrote, “Endangering my marriage.”
@sarahling wrote, “wow! A revelation but keep her.”
@nurnbeck wrote, “she was just lettin Jesus take the wheel”
@strangerthanyou wrote, “she hot tho”

Others downplayed the reason for her arrest and insisted she was innocent and should be freed.

@waldurr wrote, “release her”
@bitchesbebrokeokayy_ wrote, “ok but is the child alive? If yes, free her.”
One person wrote, “Kid was fine free her.”
@jedev wrote, “they’re holding her back!”
@comrade wrote, “she can endanger my safety anytime”
@calebsbabymom wrote, “What if the child had bad vibes?”
@josie.8 wrote, “I don’t even like kids anyways.”

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