Former Beat FM On Air Personality, Maria Okan, who had a baby girl recently for rapper, Olamide, has finally revealed her baby’s face.

And her fans on Instagram are saying the baby looks just like the baby daddy, rapper, Olamide.

Taking to her Instagram page the excited mum wrote, “This is the real her. Always smiling and talking… non-stop noise 😀 She was shy yesterday LOL. This is why I didn’t want to post her on IG, because momma won’t be able to stop 😩 Gotta go now, can’t post anymore or else her grandma will come for my neck!Oh and I like her clothes slightly big. It’s easier to get the kid in and out. Before it was like a dance routine just to get her out them clothes!”

Maria Okan

See some reactions from fans below..

Maria Okan

Maria Okan



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