Lady lashes out

A Nigerian lady, Oluwaseun Sakaba, whose husband was killed by Boko Haram in 2018, has lambasted the Nigerian army for sharing photos of ‘repentant’ sect members seeking forgiveness from Nigerians.

Lady lashes

Her husband, Lt. Col I. Sakaba, was one of the 44 soldiers killed by the terrorist group during an attack on Task Force Battalion in Metele, Guzamala Local Government Area of Borno State in November 2018.

Sakaba’s brother was also killed in the attack and shortly after, his mother also passed away from the heartbreak of losing two sons at once.

Lady lashes

Well, the Nigerian Army shared a photo of repentant Boko Haram members holding placards and begging Nigerians for forgiveness today, August 10.

This didn’t sit well with Sakaba’s widow as she took to her Instagram page to lash out at the Nigerian Army for sharing the photo.

She laid hefty curses on them and asked if she should forgive the same people who made her a widow at a young age.

She wrote;

“@hqnigerianarmy it we nev be well with all of u…I shld forgive dem for making me a young widow, I shld forgive dem for kill my husband, his brother and his mom!!

I shld forgive dem for making Me seek shelter in anod country!! I shld forgive dem for making many women widows and kids fatherless..I shld forgive dem for u not paying what is my late husband dues!!

I shld forgive dem for all der atrocities done to my family. U shot my husband dead in his office dat u pretended to be a friendly force just bcos he refuse to be part of ur plots ..time 4 dragging now”

See her post below,

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