Should a boyfriend post about his girlfriend on Facebook to prove that he’s in love with her?

This is a question that most ladies have been fighting with for a long time now.

In the beginning of a relationship, lovers, mostly ladies, are ok with the fact that their boyfriend doesn’t post their pictures on social media despite the fact that they are posting pictures of others.

But ladies, usually get concerned when the boyfriend hasn’t posted a single picture and they have dated long enough.

Long enough, in this context, depends on how the lady feels about the relationship’s speed.

He’s he taking too long? Is he taking things slow?

A woman took to Facebook to share such a scenario and got many other ladies discussing the topics.

She posted:

My boyfriend and I have been together for eight years, but our social media has no indication of our relationship. He doesn’t feel comfortable posting about me but posts about all other aspects and friends in his life (including women). While me I’m there posting about him whenever we are celebrating something special.

Valentines, anniversaries and birthday or anything special, he has never posted mine but he posts about others. Really????

Am I being overdramatic? Is it silly to care about social media? Does he not respect me? Should I break things off with him and just remain friends?

There are so many reasons why a guy might choose to keep his dating life private. But eight years and never said anything about the love of your life – and talking about women’s accomplishments and special occasions – can be a little too much don’t you think?

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  1. Your boyfriend of 8 years and he hasn’t even proposed? My sister, is your relationship a Lunar eclipse? Have a rethink o, before coming here to say all men are the same

  2. I think u should be more worried about why he hasnt paid ur bride price yet instead of facebook?Or is it facebook ur dating?U know the guy better and only u can tell about ur relationship strenght btw u two.Posting a lovers pics on social media is all about choice,some prefer keeping their private lives private that doesnt mean he/she loves u any less.U’ve been wit him for 8years now so am sure u can tell if u are with the right man or not

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