Wednesday, March 29, 2023

“Should I Tell My Friend I Caught His Girlfriend Cheating Or Mind My Business?

I really need your matured advise. I caught my friend’s girlfriend cheating (having sex actually) with another guy and she knew I saw her of course.. She’s been begging me not to talk.

If I keep quiet now and My guy later finds out I knew about it I will become a bad friend.


If I talk it could be the end of a 4 years old relationship!!!
I’m even scared the girl may set me up if I decide to talk.

Advise please.

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  1. Emeka Jonah says:

    Mind your business and let d sleeping dog. Nemesis will definitely catch up with her

  2. Liv her and ask god for rely woman shere dont lov u ok

  3. If u dnt tell ur friend dat mean u dnt like ur friend and u can allow his gf to kill him at anytime. u better tell him. if I were u I will off her finger so that she won’t try such again

  4. Mr. Enema you siad all

  5. To me u dnt hav any right to tell him

  6. If he’s your friend yes you have to tell him.

  7. Lynda Ohams says:

    Better person. As if u no dey cheat. Y would u look into someones affair. Amibo

  8. Nothing concern me. In fact, let us blame Iyanya…

  9. Mind your business let them be

  10. Moses Okafor says:

    All of you should repent and flee immorality, this is why so many youths suffering today.

  11. Dnt tell him, but caution the lady as if she is ur sister

  12. Are you sure you caught them? If yes call her advice her,not to try it again it will change her if she is the chanhing one no one is perfect

  13. Ajoke Alabi says:

    mind ur bizness

  14. Mind ur own business

  15. Ajuju!

  16. U just said girlfriend not wife……..four years of dating doesn’t mean anything,is not how far that wins your partner,s heart but how well.Refute them.

  17. Call the girl and advice her

  18. I mind my fucking business

  19. Mariah Ogiji says:

    Mind ur business nd pretend u neva see anytin,she wil pay d price somdy.

  20. You better talk to safe your friend future cos their marriage might not work well at the end!

  21. My dear mind ur business becos de are not yet married so back off

  22. Girlfriend not wife,4yrs relationship? Mteeeeeeew,my dear pls do something meaningful with your life

  23. Mind ur business

  24. Hausa man use to say “Da Mungun Rawa goma kin tkashi

  25. Lucky Ofem says:

    Mind your business and pretend like you don’t know her or you have not seen her doing anything.

  26. I guess you are jealous or it seemed you are interested in having sex with her too. That’s how you sound to me.

  27. y dont u mind ur biznes or dos it
    mean is only her ur friend is slepn wt. has he neva cheated on sombdy b4? if u hv nt don anytn rong 2 any lady, b d 1st 2 tro d stone by destroyn d rlatnshp olofofo.

  28. Big mouth tell

  29. Mind ur business!!!!

  30. My dear I will tell him

  31. Please tell your friend you don’t need to waste time

  32. Oga mind ur business

  33. U shud advice d girl nd try to ask her y she did it nd tell her dat if she tries it again dat u will tell ur friend…Dias no harm in giving her a second chance.

  34. #Lolz…. I did hear u say gF….u beta shut up n mind ur bizz____girls re nt meant 4 1 guy till dy got marriage oooo######

  35. Talk make u die,#olofofo#

  36. Mind your business

  37. d gal her own sef,a guy has been eatn u
    raw 4 gud yrs & hs stupid guy frend of hers got d nerve 2 report her, a guy we
    neva pay ur bride price u kep body him de enjoy. wake up gal.

    • blossom are you married?

    • U type hardly marry. Hope u don’t deceive lady’s that is willing to marry.

    • do u no wat relly frendshp,rlatnshp,lov, marriage & famliy means?proper godly way of wat is suppose 2 b? if is ur blood sis, wat advice wl u gv her cos am a proffessional counselor?dn i ans ur qestn

    • This girl nah big fool, she’s not even married ooo my question is has somebody not been eating you hypocrite raw too all your miserable life? foolish girl

    • professional counsellor are you married??? is som1 not fucking you??

    • josh, am gloriously maried.if u v a sis, gv her 2 a guy dat wl b eatn her raw 4yrs & u tel me dats d way 2 b n rlatnshp. bt let God b d one dat wl gv u a reply 4 sayn my typ hardly gts maried,

    • u decide wat hapens 2 u & ur life.may same b don 2 ur own if u hv urs.may dat
      word stick wt u 4 d rest of ur life.somtyms u dont no who u abuse on social media.

    • You must be sick cuz you talking shit

    • So what’s ur fucking point yhu bitch…
      Mtcheew olodo

    • prince & miracle,let fire 4rm d alter of Bishop David Oyedepo consume u 2.if evil is gud,may same b don 2 ur own. must a lady wl open her legs 4 a man b4 it hw ur mom ws maried?

    • prince & miracle,as a daughter of a prophet,as u said it,u wl hv it.let madness stick wt u & ur generation ijn.u
      dont open ur mouths &talk 2 ppl anyhw on social media cos u dont no who dey

    • Blossom your a damn fool, you are deviating from the talk were you a virgin til you got married dats if your even married, now if its your brother that his fiance was cut cheating is diz d trash dat will b pouring out of your mouth???
      your a hypocrite from all i can see
      see d rubbish you said you don’t even know if its money that is delaying their marriage,
      now what if d guy is not a cheat like your small brain is telling you?

  38. Anie Edet says:

    baba calm down o o… if u snitch.. bitches don dey treat fuck up o o

  39. Just mind your damn business dude, I’m sure your friend is also cheating too. But why will your friend be dating somebody for 4 years na? Seriously its bad that the girlfriend is a cheat talk to her about what she’s doing, its possible if you tell your friend he will just not believe you and think you want to sabotage his relationship

  40. Obi Ifunanya says:

    Mind ur biznes

  41. Jst Mind Ur Business

  42. Tony P Ijeh says:

    Must you poke nose, let go of what you saw

  43. from the comment most girls are droping here i now know how wicked n black their heart is, what a wicked world

  44. U gals bad oo

  45. Mind your biz lol

  46. Do the needful, save ur friends life, life is timing, no point hiding the fact, every one ought to be proud and be happy of their actions else.

  47. Mind ur biz… It’s a game of who wins takes the cup

  48. Just mind ur business is not everything u see u say

  49. Mind your business

  50. Chaker Gold says:

    Mind your business many are saying because you guys are cheating OK no problem God we soon do his own thing one day all hidden things we be open keep on cheating

    • temy says:

      Mind ur biznez..if it’s the guy u caught cheating, would u have told his girlfriend?…. Judge that before u intrude

  51. Chima Justin says:

    you better tell him because if he contacts hiv you cant forgive yourself

  52. What is ur own, Mind ur bizness

  53. Acha udaku, mind your own business

  54. Mind ur bizness

  55. Just keep calm

  56. I go tell o!

  57. All this girls cmemting these rubbish are dangerous o!

  58. Ostal Bigboy says:

    Haw take be my business

  59. So you girls are encouraging her abi? Chai!

  60. As far as that guy is my fwend I go tell

  61. Is better to tell him

  62. Akobi Chris says:

    Keep ur mouth . Close. Coz if u still tell ur frd when they come back together u will b d devil in d middle. Don’t put ur mouth in such case.

  63. Akeem Salami says:

    If I were u, fuck the girl, and tell ur friend, such a girl is nothing but a whore…

  64. Isaac Oko says:

    guy know tell ur friend use dat opportunity to collect ur own ..dat is what will can real m v p

  65. Helen Ekpeha says:

    Follow your heart as the choice on whether or not to tell your friends is entirely yours. You already know the consequences

  66. U better mind ur buzz

  67. I go sing am like song to my friend so that he wel be aware of what he is doing

  68. Its not yr bussiness,pretend as if you did,nt see anything,because if you talk what will happen to yr life you will not believe it ,you might even lose yr life if the girl takes the matter to spiritual level.

  69. Pls do….tell your friend. …..there is a reason God allow u to catch her………if I was the one who caught her…….her own don finish….ookpaleee

  70. Only a careless girls are commenting rubbish here

  71. Rita Ofiagu says:

    Is none of your business because your guy is cheating ok

  72. U should advice the girl nd try to ask her y she did it nd tell her day if she it again that u will tell ur friend

  73. Abeg mind ur bizness

  74. Keep it mouth

  75. Com ds guy….Who u help?jst go ahead nd sew ur tongue,No bi everytin eye c mouth dey talk.Remeba eye wey dey cry dey c road….Ur frnd dey c rd too,Him go find out himself.

  76. Me self go video it so that he go believe me mehen mehen

  77. Mind ur own business bro

  78. Mind your business, boy. Tell him if you want to remain a boy.

  79. Mind ur business wot benefit will u have will dey pay u salary for dat..

  80. Lwkm,u have a problem with minding your business.don’t u have a job?pretend like u didn’t see them

  81. Mind ur business cause the guy is having fun ear were OK Na vice visa

  82. Abilitee Jay says:

    Most girls here saying mind your business. Me I go talk oh,is left for my friend to decide if he still love the girl but i must surely clear my mind, i don’t compromise rubbish. If my friend love the girl they can continue but i must surely speak out what I saw.

  83. Just maind ur business my brother, it cull be u tomorrow OK.

  84. Want is your business

  85. Wetin you find go where you for catch them? Na wetin your eyes dey find e see ooo..

    Just enjoying these ashawo girl’s comments sha.

  86. It’s advisable u tell him nw so dat u clear ur conscience bcos u might b forced to tell him in d nearest future wen dere is misunderstanding btw u wit d girl or d ur friend as at d tym they are married or close to marriage. Remember, sometimes, we actually lose control of anger when dere is misunderstanding. A tym will come when we can’t keep d secrete any longer we just want to voice it out either by to hurt d feelings of som1 or so. Nd it will b more disastrous at dat tym. Remember again we ar human

  87. If u tell him please take your sister along with u so u give him to replace d girl.. Bcs u can’t leave him so alone and girlfriendless otherwise he might commit suicide..

  88. Prince Sam says:

    єαяℓу тнє вєттєя, мαи ωιѕє υρ

  89. Jst mind ur own business cause somtins are beta left unsaid

  90. Its normal for ladies to sleep with different men and pretend like nothing……just act with ur brain on this issue, it’s technical

  91. Isioma Uba says:

    Common sense is not common go and tell your friend then he would pay u 10billon and say thank u my friend

  92. Amos Alaphu says:

    Ladies u see yourselves, mind ur biz, mind ur biz because birds of the same feathers fly together abi, disappointed.

  93. Isioma Uba says:

    Stupid man

  94. Luke Ezigbo says:

    Lynda Ohams I can see cheating is your way that is why you are supporting evil you better repent before it will be too bad 4 u

  95. Mind ur business and let her continue her rubbish, nemesis will catch her up one day

  96. Answer this question first. Will u tell your friend’s girl friend if you caught your friend sleeping with another girl?

  97. temy says:

    If it’s the guy u caught cheating wouldn’t u have cover up for him?

  98. Since they are still in relationship and not married to each other, dear just mind your business and go your way.

  99. Guy go and tell your friend don’t listen to them bcos all of them are the same don’t you see that all of them are just saying mind your business don’t mind your business oo bcos is your friend ok what if something went wrong she now give your friend a bastard child Wright is that what you want for your friend?

    • What of he goes to tell his friend and the girls turns it upside down that he asked for sex and when she refused he is trying to blackmail her by saying this tins ? Girls strong oooo no reason am

  100. d sure way to live long on earth is to mind ur business

  101. Is none of ur business, so mind ur own business otherwise tell ur guy to get married wit her simply so dat she can stop d rubbish wife z not a gal friend

  102. Steve Famsy says:

    Anyway it depends , Such thing has happened to me before, A friend of mine cheated with another friend of mine girlfriend, I kept it to myself , Reason is because this girl is not in a serious relationship with any of them.

  103. Jst call d girl and advice her

  104. Guy mind ur business ooh!

  105. Kitty Fayy says:

    Emuobor Richardz

  106. Drazy Aveli says:

    Relationship my foot…. Wen i say f**k love, people tink am a fool…. D only thing a girl can offer a guy is sex…

  107. Pls mind ur own business because u might be their worst enemy tomorrow

  108. How can your friend date a girl for good 4years, may be the girl see that he’s not serious that’s why she cheat on him

  109. Talk and don’t talk……

  110. Mind your business, don’t try to tell him.

  111. Edeki Joshua says:

    You did not have sense
    Instead of you to join them or enter set

  112. mind ur business cos who knows someone else might have caught your girlfriend on bed with another man without telling you!

  113. No don’t talk, instead join the guy do ur own comot after all the boy fit dey hammer Your Own babe for conner so

  114. Mind your biz.

  115. Waiting be your own there my friend

  116. Tel him all u see…igbo adage said….”ekwuo ma anughi gburu nwata wana afunaya ma ekwughi gburu nt cover up d sins of others.

  117. Being a good friend I say tell him so he doesn’t make a big mistake. Look out for your brother man, what are friends for anyway

  118. Guys don’t do aproco my your bizness

  119. I no go even waste time tell am,,if yhu go carry aids come give my friend him go die I go come dey lonely abi?thunder fire her ,,I must talk to save my friend

  120. What if this happens to you, would you be mad at the friend for not telling you?

  121. My dear dont because when thy settled they we use u

  122. #Aproko e concern u???

  123. That is a woman trade, it is undignified of a man. Your ability to overlook some things makes you a man. Telling your friend may give you momentary credibility, but trust man, you will soon turn a cheap gossip.

  124. Mind your business, you are not better

  125. U wan make dey use u settle later

  126. i see some stupid girls are busy say dat u should my ur businesa,so as for me ur a guy and agen ur his friend so pls told ur friend what u see with ur eye because if u help him today one he will help u and told u importer something to u,so seriously told him so dt he will know the kind of love he is going to give to a girl now,thank u

  127. Weather u caught her or not mind ur business mr man

  128. Please mind your business

  129. Lois Omowumi says:

    Is better mind ur business,one day ur friend will catch her

  130. Dirisu Tosin says:

    They are not married its tru dat wat applys to man cant be applied to a woman its africa so there for u dnt have to tell him cos there is nothing like secret it will flame out and she has a conscience leave her to it

  131. Ann Lea says:

    me chi onu gi

  132. Warn her because if he later no that this thing happen he may later kill his girlfriend and you

  133. Pls don’t say anything.let God expose her to ur friend

  134. I have 2 types of friends, the ones i call my 5n6 and just friends.. for the later i will keep mute which i have done severally but for my 5n6 i will even give him evidence join #bahobassa

  135. Wetin concern u amibo

  136. Mind ur biz

  137. D tin is don’t tell d guy.. just talk to d girl one on one nd advice her like a sis. Let her knw or remember her Hw much ur friend really love her agine nd again.. after dat leave her wit her nd let her mind talk too her..

  138. Pls tell ur frnd becos he many marry her but she can’t stay that her husband house becos she is use to share her self tell him time wait for nobody so that he will knw how he can step out with her

  139. if your friend doesn’t have sex with order girls, then tell him!!!

  140. Glory Okotie says:

    It’s none of your business

  141. Abiodun Amos says:

    For broadcasting it, pls what are you doing? I dnt knw why some people don’t know how to think and dnt know the meaning of words. illiteracy

  142. My dear tell him

  143. forget it dude and move on… one day her atrocities will catch up with her

  144. Musa Hudu says:

    Mind ur business and use body language talk to your friend thanks

  145. Wat are friends for, tell him the truth..watever will happen let it happen, it’s d right thing to do. As long as he is ur friend, it’s also ur biz.

  146. Na ur business? Mind ur gossip mouth

  147. If your friend is 100% holy tell him what happen but if he is a womanizer don’t. After all do me i do you is not a crime. They are not yet couples

  148. Glory Bassey says:

    Mind your business!

  149. O boy mind your business

  150. Please save ur frnds life

  151. Rozay Glizzy says:

    Compel the girl to yield to telling the truth

  152. Timi Jekami says:

    I can’t keep it hidden if her man is truly my friend…cos if I were to be the one been cheated on as well…I wouldn’t appreciate a friend that was aware and never told me…

  153. Mr man you don’t need any advice again because this one you post them on social media is more than telling your friend. You have done a marvelous one because you don’t only tell your friend but general public.

  154. Tell am na

  155. Keep t as secret between u and ur friend girlfriend

  156. I will call both of them together and tell the girl to use her own mouth and say what she did

  157. U better start talking before ur friend hear it from someone else that u knew about the affair…that one he will never forgive u so tell him oh before is too late

  158. Debby James says:


  159. Of cos u should tell him,dont destroy your friends future bro

  160. For me oo,I will tell my friend

  161. Gift Okoli says:

    Pis forgive and forget

  162. Tor, when you knew if u talk it’ll sabotage the forever relationship, why then seeking for advice? Truth is, we all know what to do, advice or no advice, you’ll still do the fuck you wonna do! Follow yo fucking heart bruh and fucking mind yo biznes! . Y’all cheat too, but wen a lady does that, she becomes a slut.

  163. Girl friend abi wife, if you say girl friend, then you must talk but if na wife, my mouth no dey there. Girl friend is someone who may eventually become someone future wife and if you don’t tell, you messing with that guys future. Is better you tell him so he can make his own personal decision.

  164. Apeh Mercy says:

    If u want to tel him den make sure u already ve another gal to give him…cox me u cannor coman tell me my boo z cheating wen u don’t ve a new boo for me cox I cannot b single while u r still dating

  165. Janet Arisa says:

    A girl dat cheats on u now,will still cheat wen ur married,except God changes her before ur married.dats a warning signal

  166. @Joshua Edeki nah tournament them they play? May the guy enter set with them sheeyh

  167. Anele Samuel says:

    I will talk true

  168. Mosley Nnaji says:

    Hey mr man!
    Mind ur business

  169. Tell him……

  170. Pls tell him and save a soul

  171. Onyinye Zaza says:

    Tell him but hope you have a new girlfriend/boyfriend for dam

  172. Mind your business…nothing hides forever he will still find out…

  173. Isu John says:

    If u ask me….. i go say talk d talk jare! & clear ur mind

  174. What is your own consing

  175. Keep your mouth shut

  176. If you like your friend let him know.

  177. John Eze says:

    She might end up infecting your friend, even with hiv/aids. You might only be the one to save your friend s live by telling him.

  178. Lateef Qudri says:


  179. Nk Mercy says:

    Please somone shuld prove me wrong, u re seeking for an advice either to tel or nt, bt u ve posted ur guys babe pix,ur pix, & dat of ur guys pix for d whole world to see, don’t ur friend exist in dis planet earth?? Is he nt going to see evry tin himself?

  180. Agnes Adah says:

    You have done that already on air

  181. Use this opportunity, chop the girl. First of all check the girl pocket, know how much she can provide.tell her that you need a every huge amount of money in order to keep your mouth shut but if she refuses to corporate treating her with the incident, lol am just joking oh.

  182. Nk Mercy says:

    & dat of d guy dat has sex wt her, rather, so I don’t understand hw pple reason, after, u ve done more than teline plzzzz,

  183. Give me ur friends fone number let me tell him myself if u can’t

  184. Allow the sleeping dog lie,she is not his wife

  185. Mind your business ooo

  186. Talk Joor what kind God damn relationship is that 4yrs but still cheating

  187. invite the girl, do ur own. thats how i settled mine when i had that issue.

  188. Metu Tobenna says:

    Bro if you don’t tell your friend about it that means you can kill your friend

  189. Nigerian’s and their difficulty towards keeping secrets

  190. Bro you talk or you no talk a cheat is a cheat, there is no way fish would leave water to wear heels on the level ground. Just advice your friend to have a rethink, a sharp man would understand but if him no understand , a liar and a cheat can’t be smart for ever she would be caught by him eventually or somebody else would see her then burst the bubbles . Just be on the safe side ,girls can be dangerous ooo . But you wetin you find go catch her? Your way no pure tooo

  191. Abeg talk o, my brother

  192. If I were you i,’ll talk in a parables way to my friend cos if he find out soon you won’t be blame as a traitor

  193. my bro mind ur own bisz cos if u till ur friend there be prob. b/w u, ur friend and her girl im telling u from exprence.

  194. He wouldn’t believe you, I’ve been there before, he prolly has been told before, let him find out himself and quit!

  195. Why are u telling him mind u business even if is de wife it does min any thing pls

  196. Joke Olunuga says:

    What is your own, remove your eyes. Pretend as if u did not see anything.

  197. ur business bro

  198. Angela Uloko says:

    Your own nkoo .

  199. She didn’t value d 4years relationship that’s why she was able to cheat on him. And mind u that wasn’t her first time .everyday for the thief one day for d owner of the house

  200. Mind your business.

  201. Rita Ngige says:

    If u no u hav nt done that b4 tell me.better mind ur biz.u tell or u no tell wot will b will b afterall they are ordinary girl n boy friend not husband.

  202. Just do ya thing by minding ur own business..

  203. My dear mind ur business is ur frd not cheating by de way y will u be dating her for 4yrs no engagement no marriage my dear girls don’t put there eggs in one basket until someone say i do OK, is ur frd dating only her?abeg keep ur mouth shout av ur frd ever told u what he sees ur grfd doing outside u?

  204. Oluchi Nwogu says:

    If only dat ur friend is not cheating also

  205. Ese Divine says:

    Advice dat u tell ur friend, cause unfaithful girlfriend will no doubt b unfaithful wife 2mor, or beta still keep dem in ur prayers and let God separate dem or whatever he want

  206. No go mind ur biz

  207. Mind ur fucking business..and keep ur month shut

  208. I caught my best frnd gfrnd wit a guy, she didn’t even care if I saw dem, few minutes later my frnd called me to warn me abt stuff I dnt understand d Gul told him. So u Cn imagine if I had told him he wld ve tut mayb I was trying to cm btwn dem. Like dey say luv is blind Ryt?

  209. Talk because a broken relationship is better than a broken marriage…

  210. Ugochi Anya says:

    If am not mistaken u said ur friend’s girlfriend not his wife yet, so better mind ur business