A video which made its way online shows the moment a side chick disgraced a Pastor who allegedly impregnated her and then refused to give her money to buy antibiotics after aborting a baby for him in Jahi area of Abuja.

According to eyewitnesses, the Pastor who initially had cold feet in giving her money for abortion, invited her over to his house to take the money for antibiotics.

After arriving the house, the lady claimed the Pastor slept with her again and told her he didn’t have any money to give to her – when she started raising her voice, he then reportedly started begging her.

The lady is said to have grabbed a knife while insisting that he must give her the money. While dragging the knife, the Pastor suffered a cut close to his eyes. He came out screaming, alleging that he doesn’t know the girl and accused her of wanting to kill him.

The whole scenery attracted the attention of neighbours who asked him to rush to a Jahi clinic for treatment. The pastor however went to a police station and accused the lady of trying to kill him.

It was gathered that the lady who was wearing the Pastor’s shirt and boxers as seen in the video shared, just passed out from school and wants to do her clearance.

She also accused the pastor of also promising to give her money to take care of her clearance. It was also revealed that the Pastor’s wife is a gynecologist in Bauchi state and rarely comes home.

An eyewitness wrote,

The wife of the pastor is a gynecologist in Bauchi, so she’s hardly home.

This Pastor got this girl pregnant 2 months back according to her, she asked him for money for abortion, he directed her to another pastor that would give her the money, that pastor slept with her before giving her the money for abortion.

She did the abortion and was asked to buy antibiotics, she asked the Pastor to give her the money for antibiotics and he was turning her, then he called her yesterday asked her to come to his house around 1am( the time she normally comes) that he was gonna give her the money.

He slept with her last night after that she started asking for the money and he told her he didn’t have, she started raising her voice , and he was begging her…

Till this morning, he went and brought out knife and said she must kill him to collect the money, they were dragging the knife and it cut him close to his eyes.

He came out screaming he doesn’t know the girl and she wants to kill him, that’s when we the neighbors heard and came out

We gave him cloth to hold the bleeding and rush to Jahi clinic.

Instead he went to the police station and was telling them that she tried to murder him.

This girl is a young girl according to her she just finished school and wants to do her clearance, the pastor also promised her money for her clearance This girl was putting on the pastors shirt and also his boxers.

I videoed it myself

From my kitchen.

The case got to the police station at Jahi, which the main Pastor had to come, they ended up paying her 30 thousand naira.

Watch the video below,

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