Popular Nigerian Singer, Mr. Eazi is floating the idea of giving back to his fans to appreciate their support over the years.

According to the singer, he’s going to have an experiment on his next single and it’d allow his fans to by shares on the song. This means that the fan will own a percentage of the song and thus, what ever money is made on the streaming would be shared among the shareholders (FANS)

He wrote on Twitter ;

Gonna try an experiment on my next release where you guys the fans will be able to buy shares on My song! Meaning you will own an equity % on the song! As u stream & give me $ some goes back to You!!!

I have consistently since 2016 been Top 5 most streamed African Artists & thats 100% due to my fans!! I love you guys!! And it’s time to get you in on the equity side!!!

Imagine you had a % of my last song with Nicki or my new single “LENTO “ with Jbalvin!!! As u stream u make it a hit, some of the $ comes to you! But most importantly you are a true part of the Global Smash Hit you helped create

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