Nigerian singer and actress, Seyi Shay is currently trending on social media but not particularly in a good way but as a subject of ridicule over the judgement she gave a 17 year old boy during the Nigerian idol show.

The teenager, auditioning to be a part of the show, appeared before the show’s judges which includes Seyi Shay. After his performance, Seyi Shay was unimpressed and in her judgement, told him he’ll do well as a songwriter, but not as a singer cause he’s “terrible” at it.

In her words,

“Somebody lied to you. Somebody told you to come here and audition. You should go back and tell them that they aren’t your friend because that was not a good audition. You have a sweet talking voice and it comes out in your singing voice but your performance is terrible. You are never going to make money being a singer. I love you, you are so sweet but you are not a singer. You are not a singer.

For songwriting, hit me up, we could talk but that singing, it is not going to work. Sorry Darling” she said

Her comment has thrown her into the number one trending topic on Twitter as Nigerians react to it with many saying she was harsh on the contestant while others said she was objective.

Responding to the lambasting she’s been receiving, Seyi via her Twitter handle, wrote;

“I’m feeling like #JudgeJudy right now. You either LOVE her OR you HATE her, and that’s quite ALRIGHT! Either way, Thanks for the #1 trend tweeps”

Watch her speak below,

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