A Kenyan mother, identified as Jackline Jepngetich, took to Facebook to state that she’d kill her little daughter because according to her, nobody wants to marry her as a single mother.

She later shared that her daughter’s father has taken custody of her baby… Continue below:

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  1. Iniquity shall abound and the love of many shall wax cold. They v not finished marrying young girls talk less of mama. By d way who told u that u r useless without a husband? Go and learn handwork and make money to train that child. Yeye Tanzania girl!!!

  2. Kill ur daughter bcos of marriage? the only asset u got; what if after killing her and got married God refuses to bless you with another child? how will u enjoy ur marriage then; Don’t play God my dear so you won’t live a life of regret!

  3. kill her.
    when u Finally get married with no child after 60years, I’m sure you’ll kill yourself nd your husband.
    some people just like RIP as a word nd il be happy writing it when your husband beats you to death.

  4. Wot are u waiting for…idiot ..kill d innocent baby…she send u go carry belle…wen u de do am she dey there.. Now u de blame ur stupidity for her head…kill her n remain not only barren but rechead n useless all ur life….basterd

  5. Pls don’t kill her, take her 2 d motherless babies home so 2 ur baby she will know dat u are died. To say d truth u are a fool, ham I single mother and I ave beta offers wen u ave beta work 2 do u 4get abt husband, guys will b d 1 begging u. But oloriburu na u b d no 1

  6. Stop madness crazy woman…you can kill yourself just leave that beautiful kid..who tells that marriage is everthing..God has a purpose for your life he knows you are single and if you patiently wait he will bless you with a man who will stand for you n your kid forever…don’t push things when it’s not the time..!!!

  7. What a crazy world, and there are lots of women out there looking for such miracles, some go thru the cost and stress of doing IVF.and u want to kill urs. When the right man comes, he Wil love both u and the baby and that’s for sure.

  8. I’ve been reading this post thinking what to tell this mad woman, mmmh am just here in nairobi give me that beautiful girl and go get married thats an innocent soul for crying out loud do you know how many women are out here dying to have a kid and there you have a blessing before you and you these rubbish, the thunder that will strike you is still doing press ups and do marriages still exist lately marriages hardly last a month is that what you want silly woman

  9. Kill her and see what God will do for u, idiot u don’t know if dt is d only one your destiny chose for u or no man come ya way for life what wld u do kill yasef in stead of killing her, The time u wr enjoying d show u did not know it wld result to a human being

  10. My dear come nd learn from me, cos am always happy with my baby, his the only thing I find joy in, if am back from work and my face is bad he will just look at me Nd say who find ur trouble let me teach the person lesson nd I will laugh, Nd tell him no body can find my trouble if anyone do I will report to u, please don’t kill her cos she is ur joy

    • Depression? I dnt think so,she already saw it coming so why is she depressed,I am a single mom too,yes I agree there are times wen u think things aren’t working out fine as it should be but my dear not to the stage wen u think of murdering ur own baby, I dnt think she is depressed I just think she is high on weed.

  11. If you kill her and someone comes to marry you, something will come up later that will make someone who will marry you now to send you away with a child or children then you will have to kill again and again to get someone who will marry you afterwards. If your mother had killed you as a child would you be alive today? Did this child you want to kill asked/pleaded with you to give birth to her? Be reasonable and take responsibility.

  12. Wat if she kills her n never gets married? Dat will B 0/2 for u. Hmmm abegi gv me ur address i will B glad to cme n hav d baby and u will only see on bubbling on f. B coz im not gonna gv u mine, so u can assume well dat d baby s dead. Stupid u.

  13. This is a nice move from this women.
    Honestly we gays really appreciate your idea.
    But the truth is we can’t allow men to marry women any longer because all is a sin.
    You may kill a her and still be single.
    Proudly gays.
    Men were created to be gays not stupid.

  14. When you are opening your legs and closing it did you thought about marriage, com do not kill that child because it is not her fault it is you that wanted her to stay if not you know what to do even before now, so if you are looking for someone you will kill you are in a better position to die not her

  15. Is marriage more important to u than this child? I take it to be that u are a liability and a lazy person that’s why u spoke thus,take my advice get a handwork be established and see if men won’t scramble to marry you,stop bn pathetic.

  16. I think ur problem is that u are lazy,I am a proud single mom of a beautiful girl,I call u lazy because ur status as a single mom isn’t wat is affecting ur life BT ur laziness,great guys will go out with single moms but nt a lazy single mother,my dear step up ur game,that girl isn’t the reason why u arent married but ur laziness,if u av ur hands fixed on something and u take care of ur baby and ur self,My dear cool guys will come ur way. A lot of good things can still happen to u even as a single mom if u work hard,killing her will nt solve ur problem,it will only add to it,u will live with guilt all ur life. I am a single mom and I am a happy mother too. Shout out to all the single moms who are working there ass out for their kids,I say we are strong

  17. Omg how can u kill u baby., cos of man let me tell u fool . U child is u life , men come and go but u child is irreplaceable . She is beautiful child please in box me u number I can adopter her

  18. Some are married without a child and you’re blessed with a daughter what a great gift from God. Since you want to kill her why can’t you end your life and leave the innocent child alone. Kenyans and bad news all the time what a shame.

  19. Your heart is wicked for contemplating such. How did u get pregnant in the first instance? Since some people no longer believe that fornication is sin,single motherhood has become common.
    No mater the perception, sin is sin. Keep yourself and wait for the right man,there is one for every Woman. Where I come from, you are seen as a “loose child if you get pregnant out of wed lock, here you are,contemplating a mortal sin again. Better ask God for forgiveness, and His light will shine upon you.

  20. husband ni hubby ko, married couples na how many of dem get children, God bless you with child at your age you get mouth dey say rubbish. omo bring the girl make i add am to my wonderful son, i am a proud single mother of a Two years old cute boy. thump up to all the single mothers in the house, the Lord is our strength.

  21. God indeed u are a merciful God. before u formed us u knew us. This kind if wicked heart deserves to be barren instead of having a child and then planning to kill her.God I ask for your mercy and wisdom over this this weak soul Amen

  22. Y will u kill an innocent child, cos u did not marry, where som pple are still looking 4 child u wan 2 kill ur child i pity ur life, if u kill d baby nd get marry without having any children or after killing d child nd did nt marry who will u blame God or urself.

  23. God should pls rubit dat mouth of urs dat u used in pronouncing death for dis cute baby girl!
    U may say u ar just joking & trying to threaten men to marry u, but all I say is dat ur mouth must b rubitted, if care is not taken I wll send bricklayers dat wll completely seal dat ur dirty heart wit GERMAN- FLOOR cement!
    Don’t dare me o! I’m very angry wit u now! Let me finish my iced water, I am coming back for u!

  24. This idea of yours is really crazy…. you get married after her death and the man you married divorces you after few months so what do you get? Loneliness will set in #think before acting a man who wants you will accept your Child

  25. Who is even ready to marry an ugly woman with a dark heart like yours. You have just a daughter and you are crying who impregnated in the first place.? Stop being lazy, work hard and take care of yourself I have two as a single mom and living large. Husband is never a problem for a lady of quality

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  27. Foolish woman,u don’t have sense ,u known if before u carry DAT act of urs God of little children will first take ur own life first animal like u, na d pikin point light for u d day u dey do am monkey.

  28. Who no how many that has pass away from her what a stupid Diaz how u are going around killing image of a good woman out there since u can not take good care of the girl why can’t u take her to church and keep her or to the father if u no who the father is ..((((,, i want to bee a single mother ))))))if anything happen to that girl the spirit of all the mother’s in Africa will kill u

  29. Pls give me your daughter, then you can go and kill yourself okay. Who cares. Foolish woman. Why didn’t you wait to get married first before having children? Now you want to kill this one because of your own foolish mistake. Please contact me through my profile and hand that beautiful daughter of yours to me, and make sure you kill yourself afterward. Failure to do that, anyday you make up your mind to carry out this devilish threat of yours, that day you’ll sleep and never wake up.

  30. Who gave u the guarantee That after killing ur precious gold husband’s will come. who? Foolish thinking haven’t u see so meany single ladies without a child still looking for husband. May God punish that ur mouth.

  31. Give me the child I educate for you and never come back for her the day she will become the first lady or governor, as for what you just said repent before the return of Christ for you ‘ ve already done it and satan will gladly welcome you in hell if you don’t.

  32. Kill her and that is when you know that she is not only your own. Yeye girl. When you know that you can not afford to be a single mother why did you go and eat the forbidden fruit before marriage.

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